Why work with us?
  • We’ll adapt to the needs of your project
  • Detail-oriented terminology management
  • Specialised in technical translations
  • Additional services – back-translation, alignment of bilingual parallel texts and more
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Our mission

We aim to provide first-class linguistic services that help our customers reach their goals. We provide high quality, terminologically spotless translations, to enrich the technical field with reliable and accurate content.

Quality Assurance
  • Member no 917 of The Swedish Association of Professional Translators.
  • Member of The Swedish Association for Technical Communicators.
  • Member of the Multilingual Europe Technology Alliance (META).
  • Member of Lexis, International Community of Language Service Providers.
  • At LinguaFranca we are implementing the requirements of: European Standard EN 15038 Translation Services - Service requirements approved by CEN on 13 April 2006.