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One of our main advantages is specialisation. We only perform technical translations into Swedish, which ensures that you can benefit from years of the knowledge acquired by us.


Document types: Owner's handbooks, workshop manuals, technical handbooks, spare part lists, service bulletins for technicians, training/e-learning courses for technicians/sales people, technical manuals for diagnostic, operation and tests, technical information leaflets, technical/marketing web content for websites, press releases.

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hp: Leaflets for support and troubleshooting for desktops, laptops, printers, etc.

Ricoh: OMs for various multifunction printers and copiers

OKI: printers B700 series

Pfizer: Marketing communications tool

Philips: online help for am BX peripherals for gaming

Asus: leaflet on installing a HDD

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Sony: Technical booklet about LCD-TV

Denon: OMs for receiver AVR 4308, surround receiver AVR-3808, audio/video player DPB-4010UD, audio/video AVR-7000.

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Bilfinger/Berger: Documentation for tenders for the following projects: Stockholm Norrströmstunneln, ventilation, Citytunneln Malmö (Lot E201), Weinberg tunnel (Zurich) lot 3.2, St. Martin la Porte lot 1 exploratory tunnel drill and blast method, Gotthard base tunnel lot 360 base tunnel, high speed railway Taipei-Kaohsiung lot c 260.

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Bombardier transportation: AGC (Autorail Grande Capacité) technical documentation; PPC compilation of technical glossary, OM for programming&test equpment PTE 2000

Alstom: OM for Internal Surveillance CCTV system

Rolls Royce: e-learning course on General Electrical Safety Awareness Assessment

Rapiscan: OM for checkpoint bagage x-ray system 620DV

Thermo Scientific: OM for hot steel plate thickness gauges

Metso Automation: OM for Web Runability Monitoring system for paper mills,

AstraZeneca: OM + system description for Freeze Drying Unit LYOVAC GT 200-D

PACE: OM for X 3000 Real-time x-ray inspection system

Siemens: OMs for household appliances, OM for radar transmitter SITRANS LR250

Electrolux: OMs for household appliances

Hypertherm: OM for Hyperformance plasma cutter HPR 800XD

Philips: OMs for household appliances

Rockwell Automation: OM:s for various control systems.

Schnedier Electric: Installation guide for watt-hour meters

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GE Power Systems: Gas/Steam Turbine, Turbine-Generator Foundation Interface, Technical Documentation + installation manual for Wind Turbine Generator Systems 2.5-2.75 Series.

Tata Steel: technical details for Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra prefinished steel coating

Lenze GmbH: OM:s for gearboxes and geared motors

SKF Vehicle aftermarket: Flyers: Bearing & brake kits; Timing belts &engine seal kits: Product leaflet: Magnetic Encoder Detector; Vehicle parts troubleshooting guide; tensioners & Idler pulleys for trucks; Technician's guide to water pumps & cooling systems.

Atlas Copco: various types of documents, e.g. safety data sheets, operation/service manuals for various hydraulic/pneumatic/electric assembly systems and tools, e.g.: controllers, nutrunners, screwdrivers

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